1. Anonymous said: Oh. Ur drawing Melo. Should have known. Lol



  2. Anonymous said: I'm soo exhausted! Oh well. Whatcha been drawing in art?



  3. fuckyeah1990s:

    Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody (Tokyo Hands remix)

  5. kanyeuniversecity:

    the yeezus effect

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  6. lambtime:

    i’m right there with you lincoln.

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  8. bjerk:

    can’t let the people’s elbow get dirty

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  9. letterstophilemon:

    PARTYNEXTDOOR ~ Recognize Feat. Drake by partyomo http://ift.tt/1zD0qy3

  10. thelakersshowtime:

    Shaq’s all-time great partners over the years.


  11. brooklynbroke:


    Please go to whole foods and try their house made guacamole I promise u won’t regret it

    omg its so good! I love that shit

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  15. Anonymous said: Maybe it's likeagoodneighboranonymouslyisthere. I'm ur good neighbor JR.

    wise guy